WiFi Set up

  • How to connect your Arctic Spa to WiFi

    If your Wi-Fi is disconnected, almost always this is problem solved by turning the breaker off to the spa and then back on again. Give it about 5 minutes and then check again. If you have installed a new router and are using a WiFi extender (not EOP - Ethernet) then it will need to be hooked ba...
  • How to hook up your Arctic Spa to a new wireless router

    We get asked frequently how to get the Arctic Spa hooked back up to the internet when a new wireless router has been installed in your home. Here are the simple steps. We usually use a Netgear Wifi Range Extender to connect the Arctic spa to the wireless router. The first step is to do a f...
  • Latest Firmware for Arctic Spas with Eco Packs

    This is the latest firmware for the Arctic Spa that has the Eco Pack (Black Plastic Box). Arctic Spa Firmware