Onzen Troubleshooting Cloudy Water

Onzen Troubleshooting Guide

What should I do if my water is cloudy?

  1. Test pH (Should be between 7.2 and 7.5 ppm). Adjust if necessary with Adjust Down.
  2. Adjust the Onzen run time to 24 (On24). Don't forget to turn it back down when the water is back to clear.
  3. Measure the salt level with the salt test strips. You should be between 1250 - 1500 ppm.
  4. Check to see if the Onzen Electrode is smoking.
  5. Add one cap of Arctic Pure Boost (chlorine) per day to get the water back to clear.

How do I make the adjustments?

  1. pH - Usually the pH drifts up. You will need to add Arctic Pure Adjust Down to lower the pH. You can use our water balance chart to calculate out how much you need.
  2. Onzen Run Time - Changing Onzen Run Time (for 2011 models and newer) Hold the filtration cycle button (or pump #5)down until “sett” is displayed on the screen (5 seconds). Press the filtration button again until you see “On”. Using the up and down arrows adjust the run time from 0-24. Increase the run time if the sanitizer level is below 1. Decrease the run time if it is above 3. Increase or decrease in increments of 2 hours at a time.
  3. Onzen Salt Level - Use the salt test strips to measure the salt. If it is low, add 1/2 lb at a time to bring it up. If it is high, you will need to dilute the spa with fresh water. You may need to just top off your tub with more water or you may need to drain some of the water out to be able to add enough fresh water to get the salt level low enough.
  4. Smoking Salt Cell – Press the filtration cycle/settings button (2nd over from the left on bottom row) until you scroll through all the options. This will force a start of the Onzen and filtration cycle. Find the salt cell. You should see fine bubbles (smoke) coming out of the top of the salt cell. If it is not smoking, the electrode will need to be replaced.

Click below to watch our video on Salt Water Instructions:

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