Onzen Spa Boy Automated Salt Water Care Insturctions

Instructions for Onzen Spa Boy

Automated Salt Water System

Weekly Maintenance

  1. Open the Arctic Spa App to check the SpaBoy reading once per week. Quick Tips:
  • If the pH is one level above “OK”, add ½ capful of Adjust Down (1½ caps for All Weather Pools)
  • If the pH is “HIGH”, add 1 capful of Adjust down (3 caps for All Weather Pools)
  • f the water is cloudy, add 1 capful of Boost (3 caps for All Weather Pools)
  • “CL” or Sanitizer level is automatic. It should be between .5-1 at the most.

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3 Month Maintenance

  1. Test water with regular test strips to verify the SpaBoy readings are close with the Salt Test Strips.
  2. Check the salt level to maintain 2000 - 2500 ppm of Onzen Sea Salt.
  3. Apply Luster Tech UV Protectant to the top of the cover.
  4. Change out filters.
  5. Clean underside of the cover & spa surface with Citra Bright Cleaner

12 Month Maintenance

  1. Drain & Re-fill spa. Remember adjust the pH as soon as you turn your spa on.
  2. Replace the Onzen Salt Cell Cartridge, It will thread in and out (Easiest to do while the spa is drained).
  3. Add Onzen Sea Salt.
  • Arctic Fox- ¾ bucket (3.3 lbs)
  • 7' Spas- 1 bucket (4.4 lbs)
  • 8’ Spas- 1 1/3 buckets (5.9 lbs)
  • Arctic Summit XL- 2 buckets (8.8 lbs)
  • All Weather Pools - 6 buckets (26.4 lbs)
  • Test the salt level after one day to make sure your salt level is between 2000-2500 ppm. If it is still low, adjust with more salt.

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