Water Treatment Guides

  • Mineral Purifier Guide

    This is a guide on how to use the Mineral Purifier stick with your Hot Tub. Throw in a capful of Refresh with every use. Throw in 1/2 capful of Boost once a week or as needed and test for PH once a week.
  • Mineral Purifier System Instructions

    Instructions for Mineral Purifier Spas Daily Maintenance Step #1 Add 1 capful of Arctic Pure Refresh after every use. Weekly Maintenance Step #1 Test water chemistry with test strip once per week. Step #2 Adjust Total Alkalinity and pH as needed. Step #3 Add ½ capful of Arctic Pure Boost o...
  • Onzen Saltwater Instructions | Arctic Spas Tutorial Video

    This is a tutorial video demonstrating how to maintain your Onzen Saltwater System for your Arctic Spa.
  • Onzen Spa Boy Automated Salt Water Care Insturctions

    Instructions for Onzen Spa Boy Automated Salt Water System Weekly Maintenance Open the Arctic Spa App to check the SpaBoy reading once per week. Quick Tips: If the pH is one level above “OK”, add ½ capful of Adjust Down (1½ caps for All Weather Pools) If the pH is “HIGH”, add 1 capful of Adju...