Salt System Mode - Onzen Spa Boy App | Arctic Spas Utah

One of the great advantages of having a connected hot tub, and yes the Arctic Spa is the only spa that offers this advantage, is that we can update the software with new features and options, and yes this is a free service we provide for all Arctic Spa customers.

We just recently updated the software with a new feature that I want to explain.

Once your spa has been updated and the app on your phone has been updated, on the Onzen Spa Boy screen you will now see three more options for you, a Low, Mid, and High. This gives you the option of running the salt system in a low mode, a medium mode or a high mode.

So now based on your usage, you can select the perfect option that works for you, low usage, medium usage or high usage.

Remember with the Spa Boy, the hot tub is monitoring and adjusting the salt system automatically based on your need. This change helps the Arctic Spa be prepared for how many people are getting in all at once.

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