How to replace the Spa Boy Probe

Instructions to Replace the Spa Boy Probe

Follow the instructions below if you need to replace the Spa
Boy Probe.  The probe is what reads the water
and sends the readings to the Arctic Spa App on your phone.  This is different from the salt cell or
electrode the produces the sanitizer.

Step 1 – remove the grate on the inside of the spa and
replace it with the cap to seal off the probe housing from leaking. 

Step 2 – Unplug the probe wires from the generator. 

Step 3 – you need to determine if the black connector
fitting of the new probe and the old probe are the same or different.  If they are the same, then proceed to the
next step.  If they are different, skip
to step 6. 

Step 4 – with the black connecter being the same with the
new versus the old probe, you can keep the male side of the fitting threaded
into the white fitting of the probe housing installed in the shell of the
spa.  You will need to loosen up the
black nut until you can pull the probe out of the housing. 

Step 5 – With the black connector in your hand, loosed up
the nut and install the probe into the connector.  Once it is installed, remove the male part of
the connector (same piece of the connector that you left into the spa) and then
install the probe and connector into the black fitting installed into the
housing.  Now skip to step 9. 

Step 6 – If the black connector is different with the probe
and the old probe, then you will want to remove the male fitting from the probe

Step 7 – Pull the black connector apart and install the
parts in the same order on the probe by first putting on the nut, then the
sleeve, then the two o-rings. 

Step 8 – Apply Teflon tape (pipe thread seal tape) on the
male threads of the black fitting and thread it into the probe housing. 

Step 9 – Remove the plastic container at the end of the
probe keeping the end wet.  Insert the
probe into the black fitting pushing it in all the way and tighten up the nut. 

Step 10 – reconnect the probe wires into the generator
making sure you connect the pH wire to the pH receptacle and the ORP wire to
the ORP receptacle.  Step 11 – remove the plug on the water side of the spa and
reinstall the protective grate.  Make
sure there is no water leaking from the probe under the spa.

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