How to Drain your Arctic Spa

Draining your Arctic Spa periodically is essential in maintaining it. Check out our video explaining the best way to do just that!

When should you drain and refill your Arctic Spa and how do you drain it?

It is recommended that you drain and refill your spa every three months. This is because of everything that gets added to the water from normal use and how the water is treated. With an Arctic Spa Saltwater Spa, you just need to drain and refill the spa once per year.

The simple instructions are to turn off the spa at the breaker, hook up the garden house to the drain, stretch the hose out to where you want the water to go, and open the drain valve. As the water is draining out, it is a good time to clean the spa surface especially at the water line. We recommend using a non-scratch scouring pad with Clean and Perfect cleaner. Once the spa is drained, which will take a few hours since it is just a gravity drain, you simply reverse the process by closing the valve, removing the hose, and hooking up the hose to your faucet to start filling the spa. Once the spa is full, you can turn on the breaker. Finally, you will want to check and adjust the water balance, especially the ph.

Now, as we use 3 different models there are a couple of different ways to drain.

The first, and most popular, valve opens by turning the outer ring counterclockwise. If there is a plug remove it, thread in your hose, and turn the outer ring all the way counterclockwise until you hit the stop. This will open the valve and start draining the spa. Once it is drained, close the valve by rotating the outer ring clockwise.

The second valve is a little different. It has a cap on the end covering the male threaded nipple. Remove the cap and pull the nipple out about one inch. This will allow you to hook up your hose. Once it is hooked up, pull the nipple out another couple of inches to start the draining. Once the spa is drained, remove the hose, replace the cap, and push the nipple all the way back in.

The third valve has two parts to it. You will thread the fitting onto your hose first. Then remove the cap from the drain valve and thread the fitting into the drain. As you thread the fitting into the drain, it will open the valve. Once the spa is drained, you can disconnect the hose, thread out the fitting, and thread in the cap.

Remember that if you are draining and refilling a saltwater spa, you will want to be careful where you drain the saltwater. If your Arctic Spa is equipped with our Spa Boy saltwater system, you will want to use the cap to keep the probe wet if you’re leaving the spa empty for any period of time other than just draining and refililng. You can check out our other video called “How to Protect your Arctic Spa Spa Boy Probe when you Drain & Refill your Hot Tub”

Lastly, remember to check and adjust the pH as soon as you get the spa running again. Calcium can precipitate out of the water very quickly if you have a high ph.

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