Diverters & O Rings

This is an Arctic Spas tutorial video on how to fix leaks on diverters in your Arctic Spa as well as replacing 'O' rings and the internal diverter parts.

Leaking diverters or controls can be a minor issue although an easy fix. Around the edge of the spa are valves that look like bear paws. Over tightening them one way or the other when you are moving the bear paws back and forth is the cause for potential leaking.

We have 2 different sizes and two different models of the bear paws. The larger bear paws are diverters and the smaller ones are controls. Each one comes either in black and grey or black and clear.

First, turn off the power to your spa. Then, on the larger black and clear diverter valve, remove the black bear paw cap — this will expose the clear part underneath along with a Philips screw. You can remove the screw and the clear part will easily come off and you should see the clear cap. You can turn the cap to the left to unthread it. Under the cap you will find the O-ring. Make sure the O-ring is not broken and is seated smoothly in the groove. After this simply reverse the process. Thread the cap back on and install the clear part of the bear paw making sure that it is positioned so the paw will point into the tub when it is the middle position. Afterwards install the screw and finish with the black part of the paw. You are ready to turn the power back on.

With the black and grey version, it is very similar. Pull the entire bear paw up to remove it. This will expose the white cap. Unthread the cap, check that the O-ring is in good shape and in the groove. Then reverse the process, thread on the cap and reinstall the bear paw making sure that it points to the into the tub when it is in the middle. Then turn the power back on.

Now on to smaller the bear paws. Both the black and grey version and the black and clear versions are very similar. Once again, start by turning the power off to the spa. Remove the entire bear paw. This is a little difficult, especially on the black and clear version. Just make sure to pull straight up to remove and expose the cap. You can unthread the cap, double check that the O-ring is in good condition and seated flat into the groove. Then reverse the process, thread the cap back on, and install the bear paw.

Given the chance that the threaded cap is broken, this will not solve the problem with neither the diverters nor controls. We have replacement caps and O-rings on our website if you need to replace them.

If you need more help, email us at support@ArcticSpaStore.com or give us a call at 801-483-1001. Remember, we have everything for your Arctic Spa at ArcticSpaStore.com with the convenience of free home delivery.

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