Arctic Spa Swim Spa All Weather Pool Rowing Machine & Exercise Equipment

Check out the optional exercise equipment and rowing machine for the Arctic Spa All Weather Pool Swim Spa. An Arctic Spa All Weather Pool gives you relaxation and the ability to exercise in a low impact way.

One of the great advantages of having an Arctic Spa All Weather Pool is having a new way to exercise. With some models, a rowing machine and bungee cord exercises are available as an option. The exercise equipment consists of two rowing arms, two handles, two wrist and ankle straps, connection strap for the handles, connectors for the spa, and two different sizes of bungee cords with different levels of resistance.


To hook up the rowing machine, first thread each rowing arm into the connector. Then, thread each rowing arm connector into the hot tub. Next, thread in the bungee connectors. The shorter bungee cords are used to connect the two rowing arms together. Connect the rowing arms together on the metal loop closest to the handle. There are three different lengths so choose the one that fits you best. Next, connect the longer bungee cords to the rowing handles using the metal loop closest to the handle and the other end of the bungee cord to the spa connector. You can vary the resistance with the different bungee cords.

Examples for use

The exercise equipment also comes with handles. You can use these handles for arm exercises. You simply hook up the bungee cord to the connector in the hot tub and then to the handle. For the wrist or ankle straps, you do the same. This gives you a wide range of exercises you can do. Best of all, they are all low impact, so it is easy on your joints.

Remember the easier and more entertaining we make exercise, the more we will do it. Having an Arctic Spa All Weather Pool makes it so easy since it is just outside your back door. My secret to making it more entertaining is to have a waterproof case for your phone and headphones. Try it out. You will be amazed. To learn more about the benefits of exercising in an Arctic Spa All Weather Pool, give us a call at 801–483–1001 or visit us online at

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