Arctic Spa Onzen Spa Boy Automated Salt Water System Instructions

The Arctic Spa Onzen Spa Boy Automated Salt Water System is the biggest advancement in hot tubs since the electric heater. This video shows you how to take care of your Arctic Spa when it is equipped with the Onzen Spa Boy System. Check out just how easy automation is!

Arctic Spa, Spa Boy Instructions

Comfort and convenience are two reasons to have the Spa Boy system, along with the fact that it is the easiest way to maintain your Arctic Spa. Using the Spa Boy will provide virtually odorless water that is easier on your skin and eyes than chemically treated water. Convenience comes from receiving water readings on your phone, reading and adjusting the salt system as needed on its own, and not having to continually add harsh chemicals like chlorine or bromine

If you have the Spa Boy Saltwater System, refer to the Spa Boy section and disregard the Onzen section on our instruction cheat sheet.


Check the app on your phone, the pH will generally drift up so you will need to adjust the pH if necessary.

For regular hot tubs, If the pH is yellow on the high side, you will want to add a ½ cap-full. If it is in the red high, you will want to add a full cap.

For an All-Weather Pool, if it is in the yellow high it will need 1-1/2 caps. If it is in the red high, you will want to add 3 caps.

Making sure to keep your pH in line and in the green is what determines your water’s success.


Add the appropriate dosage of the Just Blue to keep the salt cell clean and to help prevent bacteria from being able to form on the spa surfaces.


Test with regular test strips and make sure the readings on your phone are similar. You want to see that the pH is in the green on the app and in the OK range on the test strip.

Next, double check the quantity of the salt in the water. It needs to be around 2500 ppm or about 5-1/2 – 6 on the test strip. To test this, take a cup with about 1” of water in it. Place the test strip vertically in the cup. It will take about 3-4 minutes. The horizontal yellow line will turn black when it is ready. Then you compare the top of the faded line to the number on the test strip. You can then see the ppm by seeing where this number corresponds to on the back of the bottle. If you need to raise the salt by 500 ppm it will require about 1 pound of salt for a regular hot tub and about 4 lbs. for an All-Weather Pool. You just add the salt directly to the water if needed.

If your spa has the silver sentinel filters, you will want to replace these quarterly. If you have the pro filters, you will want to replace them every six months.

Lastly, we recommend cleaning and protecting the spa cover with a UV protectant.


Drain and refill the spa. Remember if you keep it drained for any period longer than just immediately refilling it, you will want to install the cap over the Spa Boy probe to make sure it stays wet. Then polish the spa surface with an acrylic polish. Replace the salt cell. You can check out my other video on how to replace the salt cell.

If you have a cedar cabinet, you will want to re-stain the cabinet with our cedar stain or if you have a composite cabinet, you will want to clean and protect it with a UV protectant.

Lastly, you will want to add the correct amount of salt based on the size of the spa you have.

What if your spa water goes cloudy, what should you do?

Check and adjust the pH – this is the most common problem

Add ½ cap of Boost for regular hot tubs or 1-1/2 caps for All Weather Pools

Check and adjust your salt level if needed. Low salt level will cause cloudy water.

Check to make sure your salt cell is good by looking at the Salt Cell Status Indicator in the app. It looks like a battery. It should be green. If it is yellow or red, it is time to replace the cell.

The Spa Boy saltwater system is by far the most convenient way and most comfortable way to take care of your spa water. Hopefully this gives more clarification on how to properly take care of it.

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