How-To Tutorial Videos

  • Arctic Spa Onzen Spa Boy Automated Salt Water System Instructions

    The Arctic Spa Onzen Spa Boy Automated Salt Water System is the biggest advancement in hot tubs since the electric heater. This video shows you how to take care of your Arctic Spa when it is equipped with the Onzen Spa Boy System. Check out just how easy automation is! Arctic Spa, Spa Boy Ins...
  • Arctic Spas - Snow Broom - Safely and Easily Clear Snow off of your Spa Cover.

    Don't make the mistake of letting snow sit on your cover or trying to remove it with a shovel! This is Snow Broom removes the snow off of your Hot Tub Cover quickly and easily! It will not scratch or leave scuff marks. The high impact plastic face plate is recessed into the foam to prevent contac...
  • Arctic Spa Swim Spa All Weather Pool Rowing Machine & Exercise Equipment

    Check out the optional exercise equipment and rowing machine for the Arctic Spa All Weather Pool Swim Spa. An Arctic Spa All Weather Pool gives you relaxation and the ability to exercise in a low impact way. One of the great advantages of having an Arctic Spa All Weather Pool is having a new w...
  • Call for Service

    You've got the luxury spa! Now it's time to start thinking about the luxury service. While looking for hot tubs, whether it be on the internet or in hot tub stores, the question you are really asking yourself is, "who has the best hot tub?” Although this is the case, a large determining factor...
  • Diverters & O Rings

    This is an Arctic Spas tutorial video on how to fix leaks on diverters in your Arctic Spa as well as replacing 'O' rings and the internal diverter parts. Leaking diverters or controls can be a minor issue although an easy fix. Around the edge of the spa are valves that look like bear paws. Ove...
  • Ethernet Over Power

    This tutorial shows you how to use Ethernet Over Power to use your power line to run the WiFi on your Arctic Spa directly to your home router.
  • How to Connect your Arctic Spa to the Internet for Remote Control from your Phone

    If you have an Arctic Spa that is a 2011 or newer, or has been upgraded to the Eco-Pack, you can easily get your spa connected to the internet. We call this Arctic Spa OnSpa. You can now enjoy remote control, remote monitoring, easy access to the hot tub settings, easy access to your owner's ma...
  • How to convert Tabbed Jets to Threaded Jets

    Watch this tutorial video on how to switch from Tabbed Jets to Threaded Jets for your Arctic Spa.
  • How to Drain your Arctic Spa

    Draining your Arctic Spa periodically is essential in maintaining it. Check out our video explaining the best way to do just that! When should you drain and refill your Arctic Spa and how do you drain it? It is recommended that you drain and refill your spa every three months. This is becau...
  • How to Fix Calcium Buildup

    This tutorial video will show you how to remove calcium buildup from the shell of your spa if calcium has developed in your hot tub. Calcium has a gritty, sand paper-ish feel that is very unpleasant but is very easy to treat.
  • How to Fix Union Leaks

    Learn how to fix simple union leaks for your Arctic Spa
  • How to Install the Skimmer Conversion Kit

    This video is a tutorial on how to install the Arctic Spa Filter Skimmer Conversion Kit.
  • How to Protect your Onzen Salt Water Spa Boy Probe When You Drain & Refill Your Hot Tub | Arctic Spas

    Here's how to protect the Onzen Salt Water Spa Boy probe when you drain & refill your Arctic Spa.
  • How to Replace Arctic Spa Filters

    In this video we show you how to replace your Arctic Spa filters. If your spa has the Peak II Ozone system, then you'll have two skimmers, one with a black top, and one with a gray top. In the skimmer with the gray top, you'll insert the stubby filter and rescue bag, and in the skimmer with the b...
  • How to replace Arctic Spa Jets

    __This is a tutorial video on how to replace the jets for your Arctic Spa hot tub. *Note that Arctic Spas no longer produces the "tabbed" style jets that snap into the jet body. If you are buying new jets, they will be the new "threaded" style the at threads into the jet body. A new threaded inse...
  • How to replace the Spa Boy Probe

    Instructions to Replace the Spa Boy Probe Follow the instructions below if you need to replace the Spa Boy Probe.  The probe is what reads the water and sends the readings to the Arctic Spa App on your phone.  This is different from the salt cell or electrode the produces the sanitizer. Step 1 ...
  • Salt Cell Indicator - Onzen Spa Boy App | Arctic Spas Utah

    Buy Salt Cell Here How do you know when it is time to change your Onzen Spa Boy Salt Cell / Electrode? Watch this video to find out! If you have our Onzen Spa Boy Automated Salt Water System you will need to replace the salt cell when it wears out. Usually they will last ...
  • Salt System Mode - Onzen Spa Boy App | Arctic Spas Utah

    One of the great advantages of having a connected hot tub, and yes the Arctic Spa is the only spa that offers this advantage, is that we can update the software with new features and options, and yes this is a free service we provide for all Arctic Spa customers. We just recently updated the sof...
  • Topside Controls & General Maintenance

    Learn how to use the Topside Control panel on your Arctic Spa along with other maintenance tips.
  • What Filter Do I Need?

    Click Here for the "What Filter Do I Need Chart"