Tripping the breaker (Software 1.2 and higher)

Tripping the breaker (Software 1.2 and higher)

If your spa is tripping the breaker, you can put the spa in to a Ground Fault Test Mode to test each one of the electrical components in order to see which component is the problem. This would allow you to continue to have your spa operational minus the problem component.

Ground Fault Test Instructions


  1. Turn the spa back on.
  2. Hold down the light button until GFT is displayed on the topside control panel.
  3. Press the filter button (or pump #5 on the Epic) to start the test.

The spa will not test each one of the electrical components. They are listed as follows:

Pump 1 Low (P1L)
Pump 1 High (P1H)
Pump 2 (P2)
Pump 3 (P3)
Pump 4 (P4)
Pump 5 (P5)
Blower (B1)
Blower (B2)
Onzen (On)
Ozone (O3)
Stereo (St)
Fan (rE)
Lights (Lt)
Heater 1 (H1)
Heater 2 (H2)

  1. As soon as the breaker trips, turn the spa back on and it will not allow this component to turn on.
  2. Once the component is fixed, repeat the process to turn the component back on.

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