Filtration Settings

Filtration Settings

Many customers ask us what the filter settings should be for the daily filtration cycle. By default, we recommend the following:

FD2 - Filtration Duration - This means the filtration cycle will last for 2 hours each with each cycle.
FF4 - Filtration Frequency - This means the filtration cycle will run 4 times per day.

This is the optimal setting for average use. There may be times where this would change, but for the most part, this is where the filtration cycle settings should be set.

If you find that your spa seems to be overheating, especially during the summer months, change the FD setting from FD2 to FD1. This will halve the amount of hours that your pumps are running for and will reduce the heat inside the cabinet of the spa. When the weather cools, return the setting to FD2.

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