• Arctic Spas Maximum Therapy SDS seat

    At Arctic Spas, we always want you to have a "Super-Duper" experience. Check out our video below to see how my grandma's Super-Duper breakfast relates to our SDS jets. \ When I was a little kid, I would go stay overnight with my grandma Irene. In the morning, she would make what she called “Sup...
  • Filtration Settings

    Filtration Settings Many customers ask us what the filter settings should be for the daily filtration cycle. By default, we recommend the following: FD2 - Filtration Duration - This means the filtration cycle will last for 2 hours each with each cycle. FF4 - Filtration Frequency - This means th...
  • How to keep your Arctic Spa from overheating during warmer summer months

    WATCH: Due to the amazing efficiency of our HeatLock® system, in warmer summer months, you may need to make some adjustments to reduce your Arctic Spa temperature. Link to vented cabinet door here. These doors release some heat from inside the cabinet to moderate water temperatures.
  • Installation and Set Up Checklist

    Installation & Set Up Checklist
  • Tub Is Overheating

    Tub Is Overheating If you find that your spa seems to be overheating, especially during the summer months, change the FD setting on the filtration cycle from FD2 to FD1. This will halve the amount of hours that your pumps are running for and will reduce the heat inside the cabinet of the spa. Wh...