Water Temperature is Over Heating

What to do if the Arctic Spa is too hot?

If your Arctic Spa's water temperature is too hot, first remember that unless your hot tub has the Arctic Chiller Cooling System, the spa cannot cool the water, it can only heat it up. Also, whenever the motor is running, the water is absorbing the excess heat keeping the motor cool, but it will increase the water temperature. Lastly, the spa is designed to run at 100° or above. If you want to run it cooler, you will need to either add the vented door or the Arctic Chiller.

Ways to cool the spa - You can cool your Arctic Spa by adding cold water, leaving the top open, opening up the access panels or a combination of the three until the water is down to the desired temperature.

What to do if the Arctic Spa is constantly getting too hot?

On an ongoing basis, here are couple of suggestions if you find your Arctic Spa overheating consistently.

Filtration Cycle - You can adjust the filtration cycle to run at FD1 and FF4. This means that each filtration cycle will run for only one hour instead of the standard two hours.

Overheating Mode - Your spa also has the ability to shut off the filtration cycle when the water temperature is two degree above its set point. This would mean, for example, that if you had the temperature set at 102° and the actual water temperature was anything higher than 104°, the filtration cycle would be cancelled until the water was cool enough. You can turn this setting on by accessing the low level programming by pushing and holding the filtration cycle button for twenty seconds. Once you see the "BL" on the screen, you can let off. You will then need to scroll through the other options until you see the "FS0. Set this to 1 so it reads "FS1". This will activate this feature.

Vented Door - You can replace one of your insulated doors with a vented door for the summer. This will allow your spa to vent the heat generated by the equipment to the outside instead of using it to heat the water. Order the Vented Door here.

Arctic Chiller - Arctic Spas also offers a cooling system for the spa. This is equipment that is added to the spa that can cool the air inside the cabinet and in turn draw the heat away from the water, lowering the water temperature. You will be able to get your spa down into the 80°'s with this system. Contact us at (801) 483-1001 or support@arcticspasutah.com if you are interested in ordering the Arctic Chiller.

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