Spa is Leaking

Spa is leaking

If you see water leaking from the sides of the black Forever Floor drain, follow the instructions below. The majority of water leaks are from unions that have come loose from the expansion and contraction of the materials from temperature changes, vibration, or from slight shrinkage of the o-rings/gaskets in the unions. This is a fast easy fix to tighten the unions.

  1. Line item ...Locate the set of doors where the metal serial number plate is located. This is the side where the majority of the spa equipment is located. Remove both doors using an allen key.
  2. Line item ...Look for the pumps. The unions on the pump are white and thread onto the black part (Wet End propeller) of the pump. Each pump has two unions. You can have up to five pumps depending on the series of your Arctic Spa (Designer Series = 1 pump, Signature Series = 2 pumps, Legend Series = 3 pumps, Epic Series = 5 pumps).
  3. Line item ...Hand tighten each union by turning the white union collar clockwise. Make sure you tighten both unions for each pump, the intake and outtake.
  4. Line item ...Find the heater. It is the stainless steel tub. You will find one union on each side of the heater.
  5. Line item ...Hand tighten both black unions clockwise.
  6. Line item ...If this did not stop the water leak, call our service line at (801) 483-1001 to have a service technician come out to take care of the problem or email us at

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