Pressure Switch Replacement Instructions

Pressure Switch Replacement Instructions

  1. Turn power off to your spa at the breaker.
  2. Open Main Access Doors (On your spa they are located opposite of the waterfall).
  3. Locate heater (stainless steel tub about 1 foot in length).
  4. Close any available ball valves. These valves should be located on one or both sides of the heater somewhere on the red and blue hoses. Not all spas have two ball valves. By closing these ball valves you will be able to prevent a lot of water coming out of the hole left by the pressure switch.
  5. Locate pressure switch. The pressure switch is screwed right into the heater.
  6. Unplug both wires coming to the pressure switch.
  7. Unscrew pressure switch. The quicker you can do this the less water will come out. The water will be under pressure so make sure to not be too close or you will get wet.
  8. Quickly screw the new pressure switch into the hole that the old pressure switch came out of. Just hand tighten until the pressure switch feels snug.
  9. Re-attach the two wires you took off the old switch. It does not matter which one goes on either terminal.
  10. Turn ball valves back on.
  11. Turn power back on to your spa. Check to ensure FLC is gone.
  12. Check for a leak where you screwed the new switch into the heater. If leaking tighten a little more.
  13. Close cabinet up.

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