Onzen Salt Cell Replacement Guide

Onzen Salt Cell Replacement Guide

Replacing an Onzen Electrode is simple, easy and convenient. You can do it while your tub is empty or completely full. Watch out youtube tutorial video or follow the directions below:

Check out our video here

  1. Flip the breaker to the OFF position.
  2. Unscrew the entire electrode assembly which consists of the dome shaped electrode as well as the black ring it's threaded into.
  3. When you pull the assembly out, it will be safely connected by a white cord on the back. This will allow you to pull the entire unit completely out of the water if your tub is completely filled. If your tub isn't filled, just follow the same steps. Make sure not to yank on the cord as you're pulling it out.
  4. Once the entire assembly is free, make sure it is completely dry using a dry towel before proceeding.
  5. Unscrew the silver screw holding the dome shaped electrode in place with a philips screw driver.
  6. Un-thread the electrode from the black ring like you're unscrewing a light bulb.
  7. Once the old electrode is removed, thread in the new electrode until you hit the stop. Screw in the new silver screw to hold the electrode in place.
  8. Once the new electrode is threaded in, feed the white wire back into the white housing and screw the entire assembly back into place in the base of the tub.
  9. Flip the breaker back on.

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