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Swimming is one of the best exercises we can do to keep fit. Unfortunately, easy access to a place to go swimming can a little difficult. An in-ground swimming pool comes with many expenses, and going to a public swimming pool is not always possible or convenient. In harsher climates, you might be lucky to swim in your in-ground pool for five months out of the year without having to spend a huge amount to heat your pool.

Fortunately, an All-Weather Pool, also known as an Aqua Trainer, Never-ending Pool, or Swim Spa combines the best of a swimming pool and a hot tub into one. All Weather Pool systems provide an affordable and easy solution to the mentioned problems.

How Does a Swim Spa Work?

Swim Spas aren’t hard on the body making it easy to stay in shape without putting on extra pressure and strain to your joints and muscles. Swim Spas allow you to easily adjust the water jets so you can be in control of the speed and pace of your workout. If you want to relax, workout, or splash around, these pools are perfect for solo soaks or large groups.

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Counter Current vs Tether

Swim Spas, All-Weather Pools, Never-ending Pools, and Aqua Trainers incorporate a type of ‘swim in place’ system within a small swimming pool. When shopping for your new pool there are two options when it comes to swimming systems. Counter Current or Tether. The Counter Current Swim System provides a powerful current for swimmers to swim against. The Tether Resistance Swim Systems provides stationary resistance while swimming; they are developed with professional athletes' rehabilitation or conditioning in mind.

The Arctic Spas® All Weather Pool utilizes both types of swim systems. Powerful swim jets create a medium resistance for intermediate swimmers and a tether system to provide unlimited resistance for advanced swimmers.

The Arctic Spas® brand recognizes that everyone has their own needs, which is why we have six different models of all-weather pools for you to choose from. Depending on your need for therapy, exercise, or time with friends and family.

Niagara Counter Current Swim System.

Providing a powerful current for swimmers to swim against, the Niagara Swim System endows a pool with an aquatic jet-stream. This system is adjustable in both vertical and horizontal planes for improved performance regardless of surface or underwater activity, and water travels up to 27 feet per second through unobtrusive flat mounted jets. Available on select models.

Monsoon Counter Current Swim System.

The Monsoon Counter Swim System has high volume jets that provide a powerful current. Ideal for all-around fun, perfect for fitness or recreational swimming.

Tether Resistance Swim System.

The Tether Resistance System has been developed with professional athletes. Transforming our all-weather pools into a means of rehabilitation by providing stationary resistance training while swimming. The tether resistance system consists of a bungee and flexible pole. The tether is fully adjustable to suit every user’s needs.

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How do I know what Swim Spa model is right for me?

Before buying a hot tub, there are many questions to ask. Our Arctic Spas® hot tub specialists are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance on how to choose the right hot tub. Make an appointment for a personal or virtual consultation or download our buyer guide here. Or visit us at 2368 S State Street in Salt Lake City, visit us online at arcticspasstores.com, or call us at (801) 483-1001.

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