Owners Manuals

  • Arctic Essentials with YE Controls Quick Reference Card

    The attached is the Quick Reference Card for the Arctic Essentials equipped with the YE Packs. This would include the Midnight Sun and the Alaskan starting with model year 2014. Some Arctic Essentials will have these controls and some will have the regular Arctic Controls.
  • Arctic Ocean Rowing Setup Instructions

  • Arctic Spa Owners Manual

    Download the Arctic Spa Owners Manual by clicking on the link below: Download Arctic Spas Owners Manual
  • Arctic Spa Quick Reference Guide

  • Coyote Spas Quick Reference Guide

  • OnSpa User Guide

    Download the OnSpa User Guide by clicking on the link below: Download the OnSPa User Guide Here
  • Onzen Technical Guide

    Download the Onzen Technical Guide by clicking on the attachment: OnZen Technical Guide
  • Stereo Operation and Bluetooth Setup

    Arctic Spa Stereo Operation If you have a factory or dealer installed stereo in your Arctic Spa, here are the instructions on how to operate the stereo. This is for all spas from 2011 through present. Pair your Bluetooth Device: Turn the Bluetooth option on. This will be slightly different for...
  • Swim Jets Instruction

    Niagara Stationary Swim System Instructions If you have an All Weather Pool with the Niagara Stationary Swim System installed, here are the instructions on how to use and adjust the jets. Keep in mind that this system is designed for the swim workout, not the sprint. It is possible that you can ...