FLO Error

FLO Error

If your spa is displaying the FLO error code on the topside control panel, it is indicating that the heater is not reading enough water pressure. Keep in mind that as with all error codes displayed on the screen, the heater is not allowed to turn on. This may cause the water to be cooler than the set point and that the number one pump is running continuously. Follow the instructions below or click on the video.

Steps to fix:

  1. Turn the breaker off for fifteen seconds and then turn it back on again. This will reset the electrical system. If the FLO code does not reappear, then the issue has been solved. If it comes back, proceed to step 2.
  2. Without pressing any buttons, see if there is water flow going through pump 1. You will be able to see water coming through the jets and being sucked into the skimmer. If you do not have water flow, then most likely this is a pressure switch issue. Skip the rest of the steps and continue on with "Adjusting the Pressure Switch". If you do not have water flow, then it is most likely a pump issue. Continue on to step 3.
  3. Locate pump 1 by finding the heater which is the stainless steel tube. Pump 1 will be very close. Just trace the plumbing back to the pump from the heater. The pump that connects to the heater is pump 1. if the motor is dark green, you might have a reset button located on the side of the black plastic box on top of the motor. Press this button. If it resets, the pump will turn on and the FLO code will go away. If this does not solve the problem or you do not have a reset button, continue on to step 4.
  4. s pump 1 making a buzzing noise? If the motor is making a buzzing noise, it is either seized up and needs to be replaced or there might be something caught in the pump. If you think something might be caught in the pump, continue onto the section "Checking the Pump".

Adjusting the Pressure Switch - If you do have water flow going through pump 1 where you can see water moving through some of the jets and through the skimmer, very likely the pressure switch just needs to be adjusted. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the pressure switch by finding the heater. It is the stainless steel tube. There will be a small wire that connects it to the pressure switch with two spade connectors. This connection is a low voltage connection so it will not shock you. Keep the power on to the spa.
  2. Check the connections to make sure they are making good contact. Pull each one off carefully by the connector and replace. Do not pull from the wire. Check the topside screen. If the FLO error is gone, the problem is solved. If not, continue on to step 3.
  3. With a small flat head screw driver, adjust the plastic screw between the electrical connections on the pressure switch. Turn the screw counter clockwise slowly until you hear a small click. Check the topside screen to see if the FLO error has gone away and the current temperature has returned. Do not turn past one turn. If the FLO error is gone, the problem is solved. If this does not fix the problem, continue on to step 4.
  4. With the screwdriver, turn the screw back to its original position clockwise and then continue slowly turning the screw clockwise until you hear the small click. Turn a maximum of one turn. Check the topside screen. If the FLO error is gone, the problem is solved. If not, continue on to step 5.
  5. At this point, most likely the pressure switch needs to be replaced. Other problems could be with the pressure switch wire that connects the pressure switch to the spa pack or a problem with the motherboard itself, although this is rare outcome. If you have questions, contact us at (801) 483-1001 option 2 or email us at support@arcticspasutah.com.

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Checking the pump - Although rare, it is possible that something is caught in the pump causing it to be stalled. This can only happen if something was sucked through the skimmer or a suction in the floor of the spa if a cover was missing or broken. In order for something to come through the skimmer, the basket and/or filter would have to be missing. Sometimes this happens in a very short time such as when you are changing the filter and the spa is on. Usually small things will not cause this problem. It is normally larger items. If you do not think that it is possible that something went through the suctions or the skimmer, then this is most likely not your problem. The more likely cause is that the motor needs to be replaced. If you think that you might have sucked something in, follow these steps.

  1. Turn the power off to the spa at the breaker.
  2. Locate pump 1 by finding the heater and tracing the plumbing to the pump. The heater will connect directly into pump 1.
  3. here are two plumbing connections to the pump, the intake and the outtake. There are two ball valves, one for each side of the pump. Close these valves so the spa will not drain. They might be located slightly away from the pump. Just follow the plumbing until you find the valves.
  4. The heater connects onto the discharge side. The other connection is the suction/intake. On the suction connection, you will see a white union that threads onto the black part of the pump. You will want to un-thread this union by turning it counterclockwise. A little bit of water drainage is normal.
  5. Once again, make sure the power is completely off. Check to see if there is anything caught in the black part of the pump or in the plumbing. If there is, you can pull it out. If not, this is probably not your problem and the pump needs to be replaced.
  6. Re-connect the union, open the ball valves and turn the power back on. This means that the pump probably needs to be replaced, so contact us at (801) 483-1001 option 2 or email us at Support@ArcticSpasUtah.com.

For Service email Support@ArcticSpasUtah.com or call 801-483-1001 option 2

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