Electrical Requirements for Setup

For an Arctic Spa installation, we need 220 volts, 50 or 60 amps, a GFCI protected breaker, 4 wires, and an extra ten feet of wire. If you don’t know what all this means, that's okay, your electrician will.
* 50 amp (60 amp for Epic Series)
* 220 Volt
* GFCI Breaker
* 10' pig tail - This means you run the power to the spa and then an additional 10' of wire to make sure you can reach the equipment. On All Weather Pools (Swims Spas), you need to bring the electrical to the end with the topside control panel.

We recommend having the electrical done before the spa is delivered. This is not necessary but the spa will not be able to be started up until the electrical is done. We can either run the power from your breaker box or from the power meter. You can look at each source to see which is easier and closer to where the spa is going to go. Keep in mind that you have to run a conduit that is about 1” in diameter. At the source, either the breaker box or the power meter, a regular breaker will be installed. From there the wire will run to a disconnect box. This is where the GFCI breaker will be located. This box typically needs to be more than five feet away from from the spa and also needs to be visible from the spa’s location.

From the disconnect box, the wiring will run down and over to the spa. Once the wiring reaches the spa, you will want to add an additional ten feet of wire, so no matter how you place your spa, you can always reach the electrical. This means that if your spa is ten feet away from the breaker box, you will want twenty feet of wire total.

If you are pouring a concrete pad, using gravel, or paver stones for the spa to sit on, you can run the electrical underground and the up through the floor of the spa. This is really the best way since it completely hides the electrical and makes your Arctic Spa that much better to look at. Keep in mind that when we deliver and install your Arctic Spa, we do not bring any electrical supplies nor can we hook up any breakers, etc. This all needs to be done by the electrician before the installation of the hot tub.

Just remember that for an Arctic Spa startup, we need 220 volts, 50 or 60 amps, a GFCI protected breaker, and an extra ten feet of wire. If you have any questions, give us a call at 801-483-1001 or visit us at ArcticSpasUtah.com.

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