Arctic Spas Features

  • Arctic Spa Jets

    Enjoy the relaxing massage of Arctic Spas Jets \ Our focus is about long-term enjoyment of your Arctic Spa. An important detail of hot tub enjoyment is the jets. Most spa shoppers may think they are considering the jets but can be clouded by the short-term illusion of what is comfortable. Or ma...
  • How to Deal with Stress is the Question; Can a Hot Tub be the Answer?

    When you’re stressed out, do you go looking for hot water to soak in? Maybe you find yourself drawing a warm bath, taking a hot shower, or using the hot tub at a friend’s house or the local rec center. The question you may have on your mind is, ‘Will owning a hot tub of my own help?’ Our answer i...
  • Spas to be delivered in a month!

    Check out our newest YouTube video that details the similarities and differences between the Arctic Spa Orca and Grizzly models. Great hot tubs that can be delivered in a month!